Artist in Residence: Human Responsibility

Media Arts Open Call: Human Responsibility


Deadline for applications: 20 August 2021

After two successful years, here comes a follow-up! Košice – UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts invites media artists for a two-month stay in Košice in autumn 2021. The residency is organized by Creative Industry Košice and K.A.I.R. – Košice Artist in Residence.

In 2021, the residency program focuses on connecting individuals and sharing the responsibility to the world in the time of crisis. The project aims not only to analyze the current situation but also to look critically at its consequences and the near and distant future. It is essential to think about the environment in which we live and communicate with other living organisms. Living space for people is constantly expanding. Our way of life is shaped by capitalism and it affects and irreversibly disrupts fragile ecosystems following the beginning of an impending catastrophe. For the daily running of the world, unlimited mobility of people and goods is necessary.

Topic of this year is „HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY“. Košice - UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts invite media artists from one of the UNESCO Creative Cities to develop their artistic project and to critically reflect on the following questions:

  • Is the current crisis causing a change in thinking and personal values? Or is it just temporary?
  • What are the results and consequences of the process of moving between different places on Earth and beyond?
  • How can the protection of human rights be ensured for all citizens? And what can we do to protect this and future generations?

The selected artist will receive a scholarship of €2,000, covering of accommodation and transportation costs to and from Košice, access to a studio at KAIR and a budget for technical production of up to €4,000.

Please make sure to fill in the application form in English. The deadline for submitting the applications is 20 August 2021, 23:59 (CEST).

Further information and access to the online application form can be found here:


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