Underground Film Award 2021

Jury decision Underground Film Award 2021

Filmmaker Patience Mitumwesiga wins 2021 Underground Film Award

In May 2021, the international short film competition Underground Film Award was announced worldwide by Filmboard Karlsruhe as part of Karlsruhe - UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts. The competition was looking for short film ideas that tell a story in a creative and unusual way. Ugandan filmmaker Patience Mitumwesiga was able to convince the jury with her film idea "JANGU (COME)", which deals with the danger of sexual violence against women in Uganda.

The filmmaker, who studied acting at Makerere University's school of Libera and performing Arts, will receive a production grant of 3,000 euros as well as production support in the form of advisory services from Filmboard Karlsruhe as well as referrals to Karlsruhe filmmakers, for example in the areas of post-production or film music composition. The film is to be shot in the next few months and completed by November 2021. The Filmboard Karlsruhe will then support the festival distribution. In Karlsruhe, the short film will be shown at the INDEPENDENT DAYS | Karlsruhe International Film Festival.

The five-member jury of the Underground Film Award consisted of: Dr. Oliver Langewitz, Executive Director Filmboard Karlsruhe, Nadine Knobloch, actress and filmmaker, Sina Seiler, documentary and experimental filmmaker, Anastasia Ziegler, Coordinator UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts Karlsruhe and Mathias Reich, Head of Department Film, Media, Socio- and Interculture, International Cultural Work, Cultural and Creative Industries of the City of Karlsruhe.

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