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BEYOND Filmfestival – Climate Change


Humanities biggest challenge of the 21st century is nearing: With this years BEYOND FILM FESTIVAL CLIMATE CHANGE we shed the limelight on the current climate crisis and the impending ecological collapse, that will not only affect the nature in which we live, but also our economic, political and social systems. 

Join our online film festival from July 23 to 26, 2020 to watch Documentaries and Fictional films from around the globe and delve into this diverse showcase of ideas and realities:

Activism: From the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle to the reservations of the United states: How the struggles of the indigenous and native people and their role as oldest and most well versed protectors of their surrounding ecologies, cultures and environments inspire a new activist movement.

Ingenuity: Backed by science and driven by ethos: How the trailblazers forming a new generation of inventing creative solutions and initiatives are tackling concrete problems in their surroundings, utilizing hi- as well as lo-tech and anything at their disposal.

Life: Witness intimate views on personal stories found in our humanities diverse forms of existence: of struggles, fears, hopes and dreams. Far off the beaten paths, unique personalities in different cultures recount their remarkable and inspiring lives.

The festival will open on July 23 with the film »But Beautiful« by Erwin Wagenhofer.

Included in the on-demand programme among others:

  • »Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock«
    Director Cody Lucich, produced by Johnny Depp
  • »Das Forum«
    Director Marcus Vetter, produced by Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion
  • »The Great Green Wall«
    Director Jared P. Scott, distributed by Weltkino
  • »Climate Warriors«
    Director Carl A. Fechner

Get ready for more than 50 international films of all genres from 23 countries and a rich side programme with the digitally present directors, and questions, answers and other material. Films will be shown that deal with ecological and social problems and are intended to force society, politics and companies to think and, above all, to act. 

We can shape a new, sustainable future together. We think BEYOND.




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