K³ Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe

K³ Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe is an organization run jointly by the Cultural Office (Kulturbüro) of Karlsruhe’s municipal department of Culture and the city’s Department (Kulturamt) and Karlsruhe Business Development Office (Wirtschaftsförderung), and is the first point of contact for the cultural and creative industries in the city.

In addition to being a free advisory service for Karlsruhe, the city’’s creative professionals, K³-Büro organizes conferences, seminars and events on business start-ups and business development in the creative industries, and develops innovative formats for presenting creative products and networking a wide range of stakeholders.

Housed on the site of the former slaughterhouse, the Alter Schlachthof, K³-Büro is involved in the conversion of this 70,000-m² site compound into a creative cluster. Its responsibilities in the project include supporting and supervising the incubator Perfekt Futur, the business development and expansion centre FUX and the artisan sector centre Großmarkthalle. K³- Büro is also participates involved in marketing Karlsruhe as a creative centre.


K³ Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe 
Alter Schlachthof 15
76131 Karlsruhe

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