Sarai Rose Duke, Sarah Degenhardt und Jia Liu, KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER, 2021, Interaktive Klanginstallation, © Sarai Rose Duke.
Sarai Rose Duke, Sarah Degenhardt und Jia Liu, KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER, 2021, Interaktive Klanginstallation, Foto: Elias Siebert


Two shop windows at the Waldstrasse are fitted with loudspeakers and microphones with built-in acoustic modifications, which play back the sounds from the other location. Thus, the interactive sound installation KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER creates defamiliarized acoustic access to the other soundscape. Artistic interventions visually reproduce the existing architecture, enhancing the effect of elements and is mirrored between the two locations. The interplay of these audiovisual interventions creates a capsule of otherness, a glitch in the reality of the everyday urban scenery. What is more, KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER invigorates familiar spaces as spaces of possibility, as free spaces that invite you to indulge your imagination and let your thoughts run free — beyond the borders of the visible. 

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2021 project support program for media art.


17.09.2021 – 17.10.2021


Antiochia Reisen, Waldstrasse 56, and Marc Ephraim, Waldstrasse 95, 76133 Karlsruhe

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-22:00


Sarai Rose Duke


Sarai Rose Duke (*1994) began to study art at the Carl-Hofer-Schule in Karlsruhe. A trained graphic designer, Duke continued her art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, to begin in Marijke van Wamerdam’s class. She is currently studying for her diploma in Leni Hoffmann’s class for independent arts. In her work she engages with spatial issues using interdisciplinary methods. Sarai Rose Duke lives and works in Karlsruhe.

Sarah Degenhardt

*1992, Artist, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Sarah Degenhardt
Photo: Lizzy Ellbrück

Team UNESCO Cities of Media Arts
Karlsruhe (Germany) – Braga (Portugal)

Sarah Degenhardt, born 1992 in Memmingen, Germany, grew up in a remote area in the foothills of the Alps. She studied Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (DE), La Réunion (FRA) and Paris (FRA). Experiences of landscape, nature and their influence on humans and their habitus are the breeding ground and initial moment of her works. In the course of the working process she transforms them into densely reduced images which find their translation in audiovisual multi-channel installations, paper works and sculptures. Spatial mannerisms, points of reference and where everything tilts are the elements and moments that interest her continuously, luring the visitors into a fold of space-time, where everything is being tipped over to be rearranged anew. She was represented in exhibitions internationally, among them Germany, France and Iceland.

Artist’s Website:

Jia Liu


Jia Liu (*1990) is a composer and computer musician. She studied composition and music computer science at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (CN) and the University of Music in Karlsruhe. Her works for orchestra and ensembles, electroacoustic music compositions, computer music, and multimedia compositions have been performed at festivals and international conferences in Nice (FR), Saint-Étienne (FR), Karlsruhe, Graz (AT), Shanghai, and Daegu (KR). Her current focus is on algorithmic music and the potential of network-based collaboration. She lives and works in Karlsruhe.


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